Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mirrors of Selfie

It’s been really hard to get a OOTD post for awhile as I couldn’t get my looks captured the way I want it to so I just opted for this mirror selfie. Lol. This time around I wanted to achieve a preppy ensemble but not too formal. The Aussie style is one thing I am learning to adapt. I really adore their style. Just simply put casual chic. It’s winter time here so I am just excited to layer up and mix and match pieces. Something that I have been looking forward because in the Philippines can I seldom do this and it’s pretty hot even if its rains. 

I have put a lot of outfits since the last post but I didn’t get the chance to get them photographed. That’s just too bad. But sometimes I don’t really like to get all published here. But, yeah I’ll try my best for you to see. 

I have been lazy blogging lately! Sorry. :)

The jacket is from Folded and Hung. 
The button down shirt is a thrifted piece I unravelled on my vacation in the Philippines.
Navy green trousers from Cotton On
Brown boots are custom made.
The bag is from the SM Store. 

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