Monday, February 17, 2014

The Edgy Edge

My style is mostly that of preppy or casual but I am trying to look more edgy or hard as much as I can. It’s good to try different away from your comfort zone once in a while. This time I did a little push by wearing this black tights again which I got beaten up by my mates which they think is too much. Which is why I wore it. Unexpected is what I am going for. Knowing from the past that when you wear a tight fitting trousers you have to wear something loose for your top and opted for this thrifted Topman printed tee and my DIY acid washed denim vest. And since brogues are all the rage right now I wore this thrifted Hush Puppies brogues to seal this look. I am currently obsessed with the Cole Haan’s Lunar Grands but they are too expensive so when I saw this brogues at Vinnies, I instantly grabbed it and walked away. Haha. No of course I paid for it.

Sorry for the late posts! Will be posting more hopefully. Lol

What do you guys think?

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