Monday, January 13, 2014

Raging Emotions of A Dude (R.E.D.)

Summer is dropping like flies here and the temperature is rising above 40 degrees hotter than the Philippines! 

With this look, I wore this red lightweight cardigan from Cotton On to prevent the heat from directly hitting my skin and paired it with a thrifted printed Topman shirt from Savers. The tailor-made grey shorts and customised brown boots sealed the look. I know that it’s hot and some of you will wonder why I opted for the boots instead of a sloppy tongs or flats. I just thought to give my look a touch of excitement and my style. I hope you like it as much I did. I took the chance to be photographed against these two red hot cars! Lol. I love red.  

What’s on my mind: Red is the colour of fire, power, and war. A colour of little to no silence. That is perfectly inside what’s inside my head right now. Sleep will only be my recourse to escape from it not drugs. I just want to be sanely perfect when I think.

I really wouldn’t mind if this were my car! LOL.

Bumpa to Bumpa!

I just love the effect I made with this photo. 
Photo Credits to my Inay, Clara! Hahaha.

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