Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It’s A Very Aussie Christmas

Though this was my first adult Christmas away from family, I thought I would be spending Christmas with a wet pillow and puffy red eyes. However, I was a little bit wrong. Having your friends and support systems at your back will keep those sad thoughts behind. Instead we spent the night dancing and laughing and eating(not each other of course) to our hearts content. We also attended the Christmas Eve mass like a family. It was a No-Tears Noche Buena. 

Indeed it is true that if something or someone is missing don’t imagine that you could be with them when it’s impossible to. Just be with them in spirit. Easier said than done even so otherwise wouldn’t do you any good so.. 


#OOTD ni Mayor!! Hahaha.

My Family!!! Loveleh???

Of course, I can squeeze in some Selfie!!

Christmas Eve at North Balwyn.

Our humble Noche Buena!

Thank you so much for adopting me Papa Jun, Mama Clara, Ate Anna, Ate Sheena and Ate Tyl! My Christmas would be so suicidal if it weren’t for you guys! Love you.

I even dressed up like I was to attend a very formal event making my homies to dress up. Haha. I didn’t intend to pressure them alright? It was just my normal self picking random items on my closet. I’m pretty pleased with the ensemble I pulled off. Preppy dapper.

About the look: Top from Penshoppe
 Maroon denim from Cotton on
 Customized shoes
 Self confidence from yours trulyHaha.

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