Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Black Summer

The first blind mice!
Went shopping at Coles! The SM Hypermarket here in Australia. hehehe.

The sun is up here in Australia. But you’ll never know the weather shift in a few hours. I decided to wear this thrifted Mango suit tights from Salvation Army and and a black plain top from Folded and Hung. At first, I was drawn to wear an all black ensemble but it’s just too heavy for summer so I decided to put some extra pop of colour and added up the brown boots from Cotton on and a thrifted Bershka Man cardigan which made the look more casual than too serious for summer. 

Although I am loving this outfit, I was so conscious of the super tight-fitting pants and top that shows off something down there hahaha. I keep on pulling my shirt down or putting my bag in front of me. Haha. I guess I’ll know better next time. A loose top and a tight fitting pants. 

I miss blogging! Sorry for being such a lazy ass. And I just have too many things on my plate too right now.

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