Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ke$ha, The Warrior Princess

The Tik Tok singer has a new track released called Die Young. Her yet to be released latest album, Warrior should have been launched at the latter end of 2011 but Kesha insisted on its release. The reason is that she wanted to reinvent pop music into the rock direction. I certainly applaud her for this move and got me thinking that she is not just a puppet controlled by music’s bigwigs. Kesha thinks of what is next for her and for the future of music. Her album is slated for release comes December 2012. A perfect present for Christmas! Isn’t it?

Actually, I was really puzzled about her absence in the mainstream. But later I found out about this plan of hers. This album has got us waiting and craving for some Kesha music. It must have been cooked in just right for our hearing buds.


  1. luv it

  2. kesha is really pretty, i really loe all of her songs. ,

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