Monday, September 24, 2012


I learned this online store from Robbie Becroft’s blog, Robbie Off Duty. Asos is an online shop which boasts a free delivery charge anywhere you are in the world. A wide selection of garments are available for shoppers to choose from. 

I personally selected some of the ultra fine goodies. The prices are in British Pounds so better get those calculator handy. Good-to-go items on 70% off are my usual go to racks whenever I visit the store. Typically, garments start to sell at 9 pounds for the sale items which is a big cut from its original price. I am trying to shy away from potential expenses for now but most likely I will be purchasing here soon. Having said that, this site is a highly recommended site for people swamped with work, shopaholics and basically to anyone. See you there!

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