Saturday, September 29, 2012

Are You Feeling it?

Saturday it is. I headed out to purchase some Christmas decor to hype up our Christmas tree. Christmas season has started.

My brother bought this tee from Team Manila, a mid high-end Filipino clothing brand. Team Manila has a vision of keeping the brand local and making it global. That is what most local brands want to achieve. As for me I do not really care if a brand is really globally huge so my choices are not brand sensitive. I want to explore variety and others. Having said that, I randomly picked this tee from my closet and together I created a pretty good ensemble. I paired the gorgeous tee with an almost skin tone skinny jeans and my ever favourite Oxford shoes.

Hype this look on! Thanks Guys.


  1. nice outfit posts ken! mishu! :) keep it up!! I gave you an award here --->



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