Monday, September 3, 2012

Under Repair

I got these two straight cut pants a year ago from thrift shopping. I almost wanted to get rid of them because I don’t have enough space for my clothes. Yes, I need bigger space now for more goodies. Haha. However, the colors of these trousers are so in this season that it got me thinking that I can just have it repaired from an alteration store. At last today, I got them repaired and I will be picking them up at 3pm. Really, I am super excited about the fit and to incorporate them in my wardrobe. But when I tried them on, I don’t feel good about the bottom half of the pants. It needs to get skinnier so I sent them again for repair. Then, it fits impeccably. Thanks to Mr. Tailor.

The first one is a Lee Jeans straight cut trouser. It is in khaki brown and in stretch fabric. I don’t know what they call that fabric but I know it is a denim. So, this Lee jean can turn into a skinny one I told myself, as I instructed that for the tailor to do. The last one is a Uniqlo straight cut pant in moss green. For this one, I decided to go for like a chino or carrot pant finish.

If you happen to find a really good pair of pants from thrift shops but the fit is off, try it get repaired from your trusted tailor. You will get what you want at a reasonable cost and still having a customised fit. I rummage for pants with quality fabric and has a great fit from the waist so that you will still retain the design of the trouser. But whatever, you still are the ultimate decision maker.

These are how they look now and I am beyond elated with the result. I didn’t take pictures from the unaltered look.

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