Thursday, August 30, 2012

Living Like It’s Always The Last Day

Yesterday, my best mates at work and myself included had our amazing shift. From tears of joy to actual tears from heightened emotion from watching a tearjerker movie, we did stretch out the time.   It makes one person forget what sort of problems he/she is facing for a while and that for a moment you can still have time to elicit a smile. 

Being in a circle of cheerful folks and friends induces a positive atmosphere sending us all into a bliss. Thank you friends: Robin Pena, Aizle Dizon, Janice Sombillo, Noeline Maurer and Jevreline Montoya-Olalia for making the day feel like it’s the last.


  1. all is said and done..super love it!

  2. iyyyy.,had sooo much fun fun fun!!!! thank you for the photos:)

  3. Of course!! Thank you too for tickling our funny bones! :)



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