Saturday, August 25, 2012

Finally, I Am Back And Ready to Rule The World!

I would like to say sorry if I bombarded you with Pretty Little liars posts lately. Haha. I was really psyched and hyped with the finale episode of the series that I have been hooked up with. I guess this was really my coping mechanism to somehow alleviate the ceiling high level of my stress. 

After two taxing months, I can finally breathe with ease and sleep without nightmares! If hard work really pays off, I do certainly hope that it also applies to myself. Ecstatic to say that I am back and ready to rule the world!!!!!

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  1. Well Kenny! It's amazing to see a link to something I tapped into by chance. You win the prize of knowing who is actually the ruler of the world. My surprize is knowing I'm alone and you all are me and you all are a safety-net to my awareness of singularity. Bummer. 3/30/70. I am alone and now is the time to bring it up once again. I've had the chance to be all of you. It's time for the everything to come to a close. I feel exactly what you feel at this moment. We are us and make the same statement. We block out the everything and raise the flag as if we were first, when in fact we are first, due to the fact we are alone.



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