Saturday, August 4, 2012

At the Mall

Gone were the days when museums and parks have been the go-to places of families and friends during the weekends. Welcome to the new era!

Here in Pampanga, 11 malls are catering to almost every citizen looking for some fun. But what I really favor the most is Marquee Mall, it is a mall owned by Ayala Land and this is Ayala land’s second leisure project north of Manila. What’s good with Ayala Malls is that they really want their customers to feel like they are in a sort of weekend family trip while still actually enjoying the perks of shopping and dining. The mall is equipped with fantastic and well maintained rest rooms and they have pay lounges too. This is an important facet for me.

Outside the mall, there is a huge area furnished with structural figures and water fountains making the facade even more appealing. I also commend the VIPinoy Lounge, it is a special area for OFWs and their families to spend leisure time and to also make business as well. Ayala Land really thinks of customer’s maximum satisfaction compared to other malls who are like stuck with business mindedness. To this effect, I think other malls are actually making their own move to keep up with changing customer wants and needs. I do hope so.

At the mall this Saturday, I helped my brother to buy shoes. But unfortunately, I was the one who bought one thanks to Mom! I am a mall rat since High School and I have a weird unrelenting urge to go to the mall before I leave home. Yes, I think I’m addicted. You can even ask me directions for stores and for sure I know. Hmm, maybe I can make this one for a living. A personal shopper, I guess?

I got a mall-induced headache so I headed home! Enjoy the rest of the night.

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