Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Stumbled Upon These H&M Fab Finds

If you’ll going to ask someone what they want, you’ll need to brace yourself.

Here are some pieces that I want to have from H&M and since there are no stores here I would just like to let everybody know I want these! haha. For those kind-hearted out there, friends you know what I want now. On top of the list is the jacket in a wool blend with leather sleeves. It really looks like me! Gorgeous! Edgy look meets soft lux style. Also, looking sleek is the maroon trousers that could be paired with either a blazer to just a plain shirt. Making it to my next project is the boots. But I am still contemplating as to what color or finish I would like to have. Lastly,  since I am legally blind and I have to wear my glasses 24/7, I kind of wanted to try other frames and this one is worth a try.

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