Monday, August 13, 2012

Vintage Finds

I went out few days ago and saw this flea market. As I was making my way through, I stumbled across one store selling vintage accessories and I got excited! There are one of kind pieces made from years back I guess (basing from the age of the seller, haha). First to get my attention is this C. Stein necklace with a cross pendant. It looked old and a little worn out which helped it to look a lot better. According to my research, this pendant was designed around 1960s to 1970s in silver toned metal. The next is an oversized stainless steel ring studded with a black gemstone. I think this one is in the women’s territory but I don’t mind. It can definitely be an accent piece to your outfit. Lastly, the copper colored ring, I think is also made of stainless steel from Ralph Lauren.

Total: 200 Pesos for the three. Beat that!

 A photo I found from ebay.


  1. where is this flea market???

  2. Here there everywhere po Mamiyowww! haha. It’s during Saturdays at Nepo Quadrangle po. :)



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