Thursday, August 16, 2012

I’ve Been So Judgmental Lately

I visited Villa Alfredo's Resort which is a local resort here in Pampanga. English camps are held twice a year here particularly for Korean students. I have been teaching since 2009 however I wasn’t able to join this year's summer camp due to some pretty important things. So I just thought of visiting the camp to make it up with my colleagues. 

Last Saturday, I was invited to judge their one-act play. Then few days ago, I was to visit the other camp with Mommy A this time in Villa Antonina Resort which has a bigger student population. We were joined by my other friends Noel, Aizle, Melody and Aaron. And I was a little surprised when Mr. Toni, the lead teacher informed me that I would be filling in a spot as a juror again. Okay, I should maybe ask for a Talent fee next time. Ha! Kidding.  The judging part is a bit arduous more so presented with equally good performances from the groups. I really appreciated the efforts put in by them from the costumes to the extravagant set. Definitely, a two thumbs up! By the way, the play is an adaptation of the Lion King movie. Nevertheless, I really was entertained watching them do their best and express themselves. So yes, I am judgmental. Aren’t you?

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