Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sweet Lovin'

Yesterday, my Mom and my brother made some custard or others call it creme caramel but here in the Philippines we call it “Leche Flan”. It is one of the most favorite Filipino desserts and it is commonly served during festivals or on other special occasions. There isn’t any special event whatsoever but my brother is just so eager to make one to satisfy his or our cravings. The process is a bit messy. My role was just to cover the flans with plastic to prevent steam from settling into the container while cooking.

My mom was worried that we might have diabetes from too much sugar. But that’s okay! The end product was heavenly mouth-watering. The consistency is not too soft and not too jelly like. Finally, after several attempts to perfect the technique we did a good job.

I’ll post other pictures later.

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