Wednesday, September 5, 2012

No Other Print

Few days ago, I got a message from one of my trusted thrift stores, saying that they have new goodies for me! Wow, I got so excited but I got a little broke so I went 2 days after. There were really a lot great finds. My goodness!! So, I stood back and prioritize what should be bought first.

Initially, I was drawn away by the cardigan and a jacket. If only I have enough, I could have bought them. On my mind, I was thinking that I have a lot of jackets and I can not wear them all the time since it’s almost summer in the Philippines. Going back, I drew myself away and went on to other racks waiting to be unveiled. Thrift shopping is exciting!

Okay, so I got a little greedy and fitted 6 garments in one fitting session. However, only one stood out it is a sleeveless printed top. A snake-skin print for Kenny? Oh my, that is a first! Personally, I don’t go for these but this top got my attention and when I tried it on it really is a beauty! This top reminded be of Anne Curtis’ swimwear in the movie, No Other Woman where she and Cristine Reyes had a confrontation. This line by Cristine hit me, "Bikini mo ba iyan o balat mo?” (in Filipino). She said "Is that your bikini or your skin?”. Anne Curtis is rocking a pair of snake-skin bikini print during this scene. Cristine was squabbling against Anne for having an affair with her husband Derek. So snake is the word.

Having said that I am scared of animal prints but I braved myself and went out of my comfort zone. Hopefully I can rock this like Anne Curtis did. Haha. In a full ear to ear smile, I headed out of the store.

Total: 360 Pesos for the snake print top and another top.

♛ AUK ♛

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