Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I’m Fully Booked!

For the most part, I can only count in one hand days where I did not go out. Yes, as the title implies I am fully booked. Got part time jobs left and right, night outs with friends and career moving agendum! And today was no exception.  I was in Bulacan, a province in the Philippines for an annual physical examination of a company.

I was photographed against the St. John The Baptist Church, the oldest in existence in the province. The intricate details and carvings on the church’s entrance was really breathtaking. No one will contest with that. A common belief here in the PI is to make a wish when it is your first time to go to a church and so I did. Haha.

As for my outfit, even at work I still try to inject my style. I call this look “SCRUB CHIC”. I am in all black from head to toe. Wearing my dependable TOMS black burlaps and a carrot pants sealed the look in crisp.

With my team mates at Hi- Precision Diagnostics. From left, Ma’am Jen, Alfred, Leslie, Ma’am Jeng, Myself, Dr. Didulo, Ma’am Marvie, Ma’am Regine


  1. According to the picture, churches in the Philippines look very different from those in Europe. It's really cool how the lives of the people influence the style!

  2. Right some does look different but there are other churches that resemble baroque architectures and whatnot here in the Philippines. Absolutely, as for me even at work in the hospital I see to it that I still convey my sense of style which I love. :)



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