Sunday, October 28, 2012

Her Dream Is Not Just One Summer

Julie Anne San Jose has been in the industry for quite some time already. But last year, her star shined its might and was able to capture the limelight via her viral YouTube video wherein she sang a version of Nicki Minaj’s Superbass. The support was overwhelming with over 15 million to date. I think this was Julie’s claim to fame rather what others insinuate. I have tracked her career since her entry to Pop Star Kids, a reality singing competition for young children where she won as a runner-up to Rita Iringan, the season champion. Until a group was formed called Sugar Pop. Runner ups and the champion were joined into one and they also had an album. But this didn’t make Julie’s star get noticed, although it did pave way for better things to come.

This is her Youtube hit, cover of Nicki Minaj’s Superbass.

She was paired with Elmo Magalona, the son of the Late Francis M., the Master Rapper. JULIELMO is their popular love team tag name. They had an instant spark and chemistry really was obvious. I can say that of all the love teams that I have seen on TV, their team up was the most spontaneous without being too gimmicky with it. Although there is no real relationship between them this didn’t affect their love team. It even got stronger following. In addition, even if Elmo is in a relationship with Lauren Young, truly what they have is unstoppable.

Together they also reigned the social media giant, Twitter. They have numerously trended over Twitter with both having massive fan base and followers. They were even named by KC Montero as “The Trending Machine” as they don’t fail to trend whenever they perform on Party Pilipinas, a musical variety show.  On Party Pilipinas, they were featured in a play called WAZAK which showcased both their acting  chops and singing prowess. Red Note which is a mini movie shown on Party Pilipinas to introduce their performance was a sure-fire proof that they got what it takes. In Filipino, it’s KILIG!! Okay, that’s cheesy. haha.

When it rains, it really pours. From various TV projects to the movies, and just recently Julie is seen again on the silver screen but this time top billing a movie with Elmo, titled Just One Summer.  I am so proud of Julie! And at last, she released her first self titled album under GMA Records. Impressively topping the iTunes chart and major record bars, her album is a certified hit. Her singles are scattered over the top 200 charts on iTunes. "I’ll Be There", the carrier single of her album claimed the throne with its release. Currently, as of this writing her second single “Enough” is at number 1 on MYX. Impressive!! Also on top of that, she has won several awards too!

She really is super talented. Julie raps very well, sings exceptionally, acts well and almost conquering all media. I know she has super adorable personality which sends a lot of people to like her and love her. I hope to see her in person!

Here is a fantastic fan made lyric video from John Mark Legacion of her second single ENOUGH.


You can follow her on twitter via @MyJaps

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