Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Massimo Dutti Dutty Love

I dropped by the Massimo Dutti online store today and I decided to do some shopping. Oops that’s window shopping. (wishful thinking, haha) Browns are a staple on my wardrobe and outfit choices. This earth tone colour keeps me warm and comfortable. Although the Massimo Dutti brand is quite on the high end, it can be assumed that the quality will be at par with the money you’ll shelve out. I got one Massimo Dutti wallet which a friend gave. It’s distressed and old but still sturdy.

On my shopping bag: Plaited belt, Suede shoe, leather messenger bag

That plaited belt is perfect fit for a tucked in ensemble either with a shorts or pants. The suede shoe is a growing trend right now. It can be best paired wearing pair of blue or olive green shorts or chinos rolled  up. Guys don’t normally wear bags but I am a bag person.  I can’t leave the house without a bag on my shoulders. This sleek messenger bag is sure staple in any outfit

I just love how these looks are so clean and dapper and crisp. Just the way I want my outfits to be. Specifically, I dig this all brown ensemble. It looks so sophisticated and comfortable too. If you wish to go casual, you can wear a pair of shorts instead and you’re good. The tussled loafers and the plaited belt gave this look some freshness and easiness. Accessorising is just as important as finding a perfect pair shoes.

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