Saturday, July 5, 2014


Definitely, there are no ants or whatever below. Haha.

I am not fixing anything just a way to get shot. Haha.

One day I decided to go matchy matchy with my outfit. Tried to pull off a mix of casual street style and a bit of preppiness which I can say best describes my style. Red is my favourite colour. It is just a perfect pop of colour to make any outfit stand out and look exciting.

About my outfit: This coat is a thrifted piece I got from the Philippines which is from the brand Bossini. The material is polyester which is perfect for the rainy winter days here. Then the shirt I wore but is barely seen here is from Oxygen. The black scarf is also a thrifted piece. Scarves and bonnets are must haves to bring because you’ll never know when it becomes really cold. It pays to get them handy. Skinny jeans are from Oxygen too. Who wears boat shoes during winter? Haha. I do. Guilty. But I thought it suited my ensemble. It was also thrifted from a local thrift here in Melbourne.
The Msense bag is from SM Store.

I love how this look came together. Leave down your comments below and tell me what you guys think! 

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