Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ebay Haul

When you get bored you do this: Online shopping! But no, I’m just kidding. I either need or want these 3 items I purchased from Ebay. 

1. Snow White Assassin Decal for Macbook Pro 
I was drawn onto the Iron Man as well but I still want to retain the apple logo which is legit in this Snow White decal. I just love it. Something to make your machine look interesting. Bought this for 7 dollars with free shipping.

2. Magnetic USB charger for Xperia Z2 

It is convenient to have this handy. It’s like Macbook’s magnetic charger. They might’ve got that idea for this charging port with Xperia Z2. And I thought it’s pretty clever .

3. Nilkin Anti-shatter tempered glass screen guard

This one is the best find I think. You better check this one out. It will not only prevent your unit from scratches but for shattering your phone’s LCD which will save you heaps of cash for sure. The screen also looks clearer and brighter with the tempered glass on. A must try. Got this one for 9 bucks with free shipping. I waited for like more than 2 weeks for this though but it’s worth the wait. 

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