Friday, November 2, 2012

Just Another Day On Earth

The night before Halloween I celebrated my birthday with a pretty simple party with my closest best friends. Actually, this was an instantaneous idea we had with my Mom while we were dining at McDonald’s the day before my birthday. We were supposed to just go out with my family to celebrate my day.

Mads came super early and I am not even home yet! I thought that she will eat drop and run haha just like what she did last year. Right my dear? Good enough she was early because there was a power outage in their area. We had a long chat about her hang ups and issues. Haha. Don’t worry Mads I won’t drop the bomb here. Audrey and Cente were my other guests but Audrey couldn’t make it because she chose my birthday of all the days that she can schedule her tooth extraction! But that’s fine. She did make it up to that and I shall post about that part soon.

Cente came and we started loading food in our tummies. Mom was toxic serving us. Thank you Mom! The three of us stayed all night opening up stories to talk about and secrets to unveil. They did crazy things. Haha. It was definitely fun. You all made me happy.

A really simple but happy day for me.

Mom and I

 With my friends Cente and Mads

We went out the day after with Audrey.

Thank you Guys! Love you. :)

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