Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cardigan Love

For almost a month I haven't purchased any from thrift store that I visited. A reason is that nothing has caught my keen eye. But yesterday, I discovered this very basic but chic Bershka Cardigan from Tejay's Thrift Store, the first go-to thrift store that I know. Since they texted me yesterday about their new arrivals for garments and bags, I went with my sister.

Of course there were a lot of stuffs to go through so I don't know were to start. Haha. But yes I have to start with the bags. Nah, Nothing in the bags section. Nothing from the pants and shirts section. But when I went to the girl's sweatshirts area, I saw this cardigan and pulled it out. Immediately, I looked into the tag and it was Bershka. Bershka MAN! And then trying to contain my glee, I asked the sales personnel about the price and I instantly bought it. The cardigan is still in mint condition and feels so soft on the skin.

Love love love!

Total: 150 Pesos only!!! Yes! Great bargain find it is.

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