Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Swellmayde Aimee!

By accident I happened to stumble upon Swellmayde, a fashion blog by Aimee. I think by far this is the most inspiring blog I have read. Via her DIY projects, it instantly captured and stirred my interest. Her DIY stuffs are so good that I wanted to give it my own spin. Really inspiring. This blog really got my creative juices oozing! Not only does the blog feature fashion but also posts and DIY projects on home improvement. Aimee has also collaborated with a lot of magazines, style brands and whatnots. I have envisioned myself of doing the same. I would love to get more inspired and find interesting ideas from Swellmayde!

Meet the style savvy Aimee.

Visit her blog at Swellmayde.

I love this DIY project. It looks complicated but is really doable.

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