Monday, November 5, 2012

The Psalms of the Romans

After almost a decade post High School, we emerged what we are now. From Doctors to soon-to-be Lawyer to almost all sorts of professionals, this is the future that we have been aiming back then. But I am not that keen on saying that to myself because this is not where I dreamt to be just yet. Soon enough I can be on that place.

Kriska, the golden-voiced siren of our class spearheaded the reunion of our Psalms and Romans class. We were expecting around 50 people but of course some are already living their own lives somewhere so we can just expect for less. The date and venue got finalized. De Paolo’s Restaurant was the unanimous choice. It was our favourite go-to place in High School where they serve the ever popular potato croquette!

I am not certain of the people who will attend because I am too preoccupied with a lot of stuffs. On November 2, the day of the reunion, I still went with Mads, Cente, Audrey and Roi to have lunch. We did heaps of stuff tirelessly. Mads is a batch mate of mine and then too so we decided go together at the reunion dinner.

Of course, we arrived late. Like what’s new? Haha. As we entered the restaurant, from afar I can only count them with my hands, a bit nervous to see them again. I haven’t got used to social events like these. Mads and I roamed around to kiss and hug and say our hellos to everyone. I am elated to see them but now at a different view, in a more matured way. I was a bit surprised that they were clamoring about my blogging stint. Felt good that they knew about that and thank you Facebook!

During dinner, we rekindled our high school madness and updated each other with career and whatnot. It was nostalgia all over as we run down the crazy stuffs we did back then. Knowing friends achieve what they have right now was truly inspiring. Thereafter, we decided to have coffee at Coffee en Tree, a local coffee shop. Lots of snapshots and chats befell. The place was cozy and encouraged us to stay longer and closely get to exchange personal tales and gossip!

 With the curvaceous Hazel haha.

 With bestie pretty Madsy. :)

The night was concluded with kiss and hugs as we all parted. It’s great to be with our good old friends. Until next time friends!

To our sponsors who generously picked up the tab, thank you Doc Jean, Architect Carla and Carlo. You guys are awesome!! I want to get sponsored as well. Haha.

This is your blogger friend,

Kenny :)

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