Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's a Very Denim Christmas

It will be  a denim-filled Christmas for me. I decided to not spend too much this season and just have some of my stuffs repaired. I had a difficult time to have garments repaired. There are a lot of things to consider like a good repair shop, getting to let the tailor know what you want to do, the condition of the denim, sometimes repair shops beg off because it is hard to deconstruct the garment but yes I made them do it with a lot of bargaining and begging. Haha. This time around I learned my lesson to not get my tops get repaired again and just find a perfect fit.

I got the vest for just 50 pesos! Plus the repair fee that is 130 pesos. The repair is far expensive than the garment. haha. While the long sleeve shirt which I got for 250 pesos I think is not a recent purchase. If you can remember this from my previous post that I bleached this is that. Also, I had it repaired and fit to my physique. Lastly, the brown Replay denim which I purchased from a thrift store for only 200 pesos! They were on sale so I was lucky and bought it right away. The original cut of this denim jean was a baggy straight cut  fit. From last summer, I was raving for this colour however it is so expensive for me like almost 2,000 pesos and when I saw this from a far I did not think twice. My denim jean repair shop gladly accepted it and gave me what I want and I was so happy with the result.

You can pair the vest with a plain tee and that brown pants or a black pants will do. But I am planning on using the vest with a plain black tee. While the long sleeve shirt is perfect with a printed tee inside and have it paired with the brown pants. You can also style this long sleeve tucked in using a thin belt to give a dapper crisp look.

It’s a holiday look for less. You don’t actually have to spend so much to look gorgeous this holiday season. Enjoy and have fun this Yuletide season! :)

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