Friday, December 6, 2013

I am a Fashion Citizen

I have been thrifting for years now and it’s been so much fun and exciting! Some people don’t get it why but it just that surprise to find exciting and unique pieces from other people’s closet and whatnot.

I grabbed your photo cover on FB! haha. No copyright intended. :)
And I was so bored and have been wanting to go to thrift shops here in Melbourne. So I searched Youtube for some inspiration, I watched a few men’s thrift hauls but I am not satisfied haha. Then, I got to see the thrift hauls from the girls and happen to find The Fashion Citizen by Stephanie and Melissa. And I was instantly hooked! Their thrift hauls gave me what thing I am looking for. Though their hauls are womenswear I didn’t really mind because every time they do their hauls they always get pieces which are unique and not the usual thing one would gravitate into. I thought that was really interesting. This is my recent obsession. 

Stephanie has the looks of Carly Rae Jepsen and Lady Gaga in a good way of course. Love her edgy fashion forward style! Wish I could transition that into menswear. While Melissa has that good mix of flair and sweetness. I love how the way she talks. And Melissa and Stephanie are actually twins! Actually surprised when I knew!!

I just love that I could relate with them. Frugal fashionistas! I am a fan now. Love you girls. :)

Here are few of my favourite videos with that awesome Prada Haul!

And this is haul video is just crazy. They got everything for just 3 bucks! And plus that awesome foldable duffle bag. 

You can follow them on Youtube and below:

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