Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Jetsetters

This trip is not for leisure supposedly but for more relevant reasons. But it turned out that this was so much fun! I am joined by my friends Gwen, Maee and Edge to Kuala Lumpur in which we will have a long stop over to Singapore.

These kicks will make or break you so choose comfort when travelling.

I love browns! Brown bag, brown floor, brownies!

The three angels flying with Jetstar.

Drama king scene. 

There’s gotta be cockroaches in Australia. Haha
At the Tullamarine International Airport in Melbourne.

With Ate Edge and Gwen.

Mae, Gwen and Ate Edge for checking in!
Are you ready for us???
Ready to invade KL & SG! 

 This is just a teaser! Part two coming soon..

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