Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Birthday Boy/Graduation Boy

Your first adult birthday away from home, away from the all the comforts you have. When you are all alone you are just in it to find what you can call safe zone away from home. I am gladly happy to say and know that I have found that even way beyond that. My family here in Australia are just so kind and  they make you feel that you really belong to them. From the time I got here, until now more and more people I get to know and I have seen how they welcome me as a not-so-stranger. Frankly speaking, I didn’t have that hard time to adjust here because the people around me made that easy for me.

I may have shed tears and downs here but it was all about having your support always there to give you a hand. I can really say I am so lucky although I got through those times when I just got out of luck. I still am a lucky guy!

I miss everything from way back home. But this is what I have been dreaming of and I have to make this work. Tears ran down as I am striking each letter in this. Please don’t be sorry for me. I am just happy too that I have made it on my own without someone to do everything for me. Making those adult steps one at a time. More to go!

This is the summary of my birthday/graduation day! I had a blast for sure. People here really made me feel I’m not away from home.

In the classroom before the graduation ceremony.

Say cheese! 

The side view.

With my girls, Gwen, She and Mae.

With my alleged girlfriend here in Oz. Lol.

And while I am blowing my cake someone’s busy with something. Lol

Thank you Luena for this! Such a sweet treat! Figuratively and literally!

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