Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Melbourne Ultimatum

This museum tour is part of our transcultural thingy at school. A perfect time to get to know this awesome country and also to get to slack back a little. We were all caught up snapshotting every thing we see visually stimulating sights. And almost forgot to really go deep into the cultural aspect of the trip! Lol. But I see to it to take time to read some things in there. The Melbourne Museum is such a huge house of historical bits and pieces of Australia. A must see!

There will be the part two soooon! I’m sorry readers. I just got my hands full now. Lot’s of dramas here in OZ. If this would have been a reality show, I could have been rich and famous!!!!!! Hahaha.
Kim K will feel insecure definitely! hahaha.

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