Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Taking away from Instagram’s #throwbackthursday, I rummaged thru LookBook’s hottest and newest ensembles from style savvies.  Here are my top picks.

I am a sucker for looks that are not too out there nor too polished. Just like this, there’s an extra sense of grunge and random about the outfits. Like this first laid back look from Billy H. He balanced the simplicity of his top with printed aztec printed shorts, boat shoes tied with red laces, and accessorised with trinkets. I think its not too much its just right.

Christian W. of  Melbourne's look will give me a run for my money. I have been making this look as my inspiration for some of my outfits. The perfect mix of casual and edge I must add. Since summer,  my hands are getting itchy in wearing jackets and layering things. Now that the weather got a little chill, I can now have a perfect excuse to layer things and get those outerwear out of the closet! I like that he added an extra pop of colour via boat shoes(which are on trend now with those unexpected colour pops with the sole), it makes it even cooler than expected.

This ensemble was well put together. I love how the jacket hugged his physique. Tailored fit. Accessorised with a clutch, knitted scarf which gave the look a sense of sophistication than being too casual.

Tobias L.’s look- I just love it. I’m obsessed with grays. Simple. Love it!!



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