Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Fire of Adrian Sahagun

A friend of mine is out there embarking his name in the cut throat industry of fashion. Currently in the rear end of a reality-based fashion design competition, the Mega Young Designers Competition All Stars airing on ETC. Under the helm of his head designer, Jeffrey Rogador that guides his proteges during the challenges. He is consistently kicking butts week by week with pretty unique cuts, silhouettes, and designs. Clearly, Adrian Sahagun has it!  In the competition's final challenge, he was given heavy praises by the judges during the critique. And now he is part of the final three.

His identifier is that fiery red hair. With Ms. Universe 2013 1st runner up, Janine Tugonon and 2010 Miss Universe 4th runner up, Venus Raj.

This was his ticket to the final 3. He won the last challenge, the Nivea Ad Campagin 48-hour Challenge.

This is my favourite work from him in the competition. The Retaso(Scraps) Challenge(Above).

Going back during his study of fashion design in the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, he was convincing me to enroll but I wasn’t ready yet and still.  Adrian knew already what his calling was. During their graduation, he placed second place for best designer. The use of unconventional and sustainable materials are the groundwork of his graduation collection.  But making it wearable and on trend is his big challenge.

                                           Part of his graduation collection. Shown Above.

He gladly answered my questions even from his pretty occupied schedule. Super nice.

Describe your designs.

"My designs vary. I tend to be experimental at times. But my design aesthetic have always been with cuts, lines, structures, and geometry. Lately, i've been fascinated by how geometry is incorporated into fashion. Though my designs may sometimes be laborious, i still want my designs to be clean and tailored. I would also like to consider that i'm designing for strong & confident people who are not afraid to stand-out."

How did fashion  school help you shape or refine your creative process?

"Well fashion School (Fashion Institute of the Philippines) really helped me a lot. From the patterns & conceptualization.  I could remember myself putting buttons and zippers on my shirts just to make them different among others. Then there came the desire to actually design and make clothes that only I or my client/s would have. I could also remember how simple my designs were as i was starting. But with a lot of exposure from our school such as fashion events, fashion shows, etc., I was able to somehow make my designs more fashion forward, stylish, and  expensive-looking."

A dream for designers to land magazine covers and feature for top magazines here and abroad. Adrian didn’t disappoint as he already dressed today’s hottest stars for glossies and more. I too can’t wait to wear one of his designs. Right Adrian? Haha. Given a pretty young start for his career, his present feat is pretty impressive. From his growing portfolio, here are Adrian’s magazine features.

Editorial Feature in Flique Magazine (November 2012). Shown Above.

A cover shoot for Kathryn Bernardo for Meg Magazine (November 2012) Shown Above

 Editorial Feature in Meg Magazine (November 2012) above

Editorial Feature in Mega Magazine (July 2013) (Above)

Also his designs had hit the boob tube. Kyla & Jolina wore his graduation pieces on Party Pilipinas, a now defunct musical variety show (October 7, 2012). Rachelle Ann Go also wore his graduation pieces for IOSPH Gala Night , & Yeng Constantino wearing his cerebral shoulder-piece for ASAP Singapore, the top and longest running musical variety show in the Philippines.

Kyla in Party Pilipinas

Jolina and Kyla in Party Pilipinas

 Rachelle Ann Go wearing shoulder-piece & bustier weave dress by Adrian Sahagun for IOSPH Gala 

Yeng Constantino wearing shoulder-piece by Adrian Sahagun for ASAP Singapore 2012

What is next for Adrian Sahagun? Any future plans for your blossoming career?

"I plan to put up my own clothing brand in the future. But as of the moment, I would also like to venture designing for bridal clients. This I think is another part of fashion that I have yet to discover and hone. I also plan to make few RTW items which i plan to sell online (Which hopefully i would have time to do so haha)."

And to top that all that he has done, Adrian is such a nice guy too. Most of the time laughing, even if we just converse thru Facebook. He is super humble and success does get into his head. I hope not just yet? haha. I’m kidding. I hope too that with his hyper hectic schedule he can still squeeze that time to make me that jacket I was asking him. Haha. I’m tenacious Adrian! Make it work! haha. Furthermore, I can’t wait to say and blog that I wore Adrian Sahagun. Yes yes.

Irrefutably, Adrian already has a crystal clear and solid point of view. From prints, TV, and runways, he has definitely captured the eyes of the pedantic fashion authorities here in the Philippines and abroad is not that far behind. Adrian is gradually making a name for himself. A good marriage of talent and a sound mind can make for a perfect weapon in the intense fashion industry. But a persistent and unrelenting will to improve himself is what really gives him that fire to achieve his career goals and even go beyond his dreams.

Impartially speaking and I’m gonna bet on it, I do trust that Adrian will really be the next big fashion designer! 

You can follow him thru his Twitter account @adrian_MegaYDC. And don’t forget to watch him on the Mega Young Designers Competition ALL Stars, Mondays only at ETC.

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