Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Series of Unfortunate Shopping Events

Last April 28, I bought an Urban Luggage from SM City Pampanga during their sale worth 3, 000 pesos. Before I purchased it, I raised my observation that the wheels aren’t going smoothly as expected so the sales representative sent me to the Department store(because the sale was held at the warehouse) to put on some lubricant on the wheels. They said that it was because its an old stock. June 7, while I was inspecting the wheels, I found out that the two front wheels are not rolling as they are supposed to. And my receipt was missing already. I voiced this complaint to SM City Pampanga's twitter account.

I can't just sit at home and do nothing so without ado I went to SM Pampanga first to ask if they will still accept replacement even without a receipt and so the sales representative said yes and told me to bring the luggage and so I did the same day. Only to find out that he will just put on lubricant to the wheels. He showed me options for replacement which are horrible. I was in utter rage because I went there just for that? And to think how far I traveled just to get there. A bad one hour travel via PUV plus the fact that I am carrying something like a big cross.

Then I received a reply few days after and tweeted me this:

@SMCityPampanga: @Kenny4taleza Sir, kindly DM your contact info so The SM Store can get in touch with you. Thank you.

So I tweeted my number. I received a call from Ms. Lei, the branch manager after 3 days and told me that she received an email regarding my complaint and I aired my story. She kindly said that I can go with the replacement and if I decide to go and have my suitcase replaced, to inform her so that the voucher could be prepared. I appreciated this effort, coming even from the brach manager herself. I felt important as a customer.

I had a date with my friends Saturday June 15 at SM Pampanga, and so I thought to drop by at the luggage department and look for a good replacement. I spotted a suitcase that I want. The sales personnel called Ms. Lei and we had a little talk. Told them that I'll be coming back the next day with my luggage.

Yesterday, I was getting ready to go the mall. I called it extra challenge part two. The most gruelling part was the travel, the hassle, the inconvenient truth.( please laugh) But I was not happy. Arrived at the mall, and I went directly to the luggage department. They did their thing there and all. The luggage was Super Light as labelled on the front. Inspected the suitcase. So there I got the new luggage with the same URBAN luggage brand. I went home. At home, I tried to put my things to see how it is. To my horror, I found a tear near the ridge of the suitcase. I was flabbergasted. Does this mean that the suitcase was really super light? As in super light quality? I can't believe this tragedy happened to me. Fury at its peak. What have I done to deserve this? Immediately, I called mom and we rented a vehicle going to SM Pampanga. That costed us so much that I don't want to think or talk about it. As I couldn’t afford to get stressed out riding a PUV. Upon getting there, I just exploded and didn't care people staring and eavesdropping. The managers were there. They tried to console me but I was consumed by my anger. That was the third time!! Not even second. Third!! So disappointing. Wait no that's not the word. No, it's like no words couldn't describe this.

Ms. Lei was calling on my mobile phone. I recounted to her what happened. To her chagrin, she was shocked and was apologising about the terrible horrible incident. She gave me options. I can make a full refund, or another replacement. But I just stuck with the original suitcase that I returned which was way better than the second one. I just appreciated that the managers where kind and warm.

Please review your products. This Urban luggage brand needs to get their act together and do something about this. Because I am not keeping my mouth shut about this. I might also be a negligent shopper for not meticulously checking these items but my god shouldn't these products be at their finest condition before they hit the stores?

This is traumatising.

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