Saturday, June 1, 2013

Confessions of a Not-So Shopaholic

I was in Marquee Mall with my sister. As I was going thru the sale rack, I stumbled upon this dapper jacket with faux leather shoulder patch detail. I have this fondness for clothes that accentuate or mimic strong shoulders like epaulettes and this unique leather patch. Interestingly, I got this super chic jacket for 600 pesos only(just $14) which originally retails at 1,399 pesos. Seldom do I spoil myself with ‘new’ clothes lately as I am also stretching my spending power and this one’s right on the money.

Upon seeing the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic this morning I was saving myself from the guilt of overspending. Because unfortunately(as I would want to put it), I saw an equally on-trend denim jacket also on the sale rack for only 800 pesos. But I successfully got hold of myself, the shopaholic in me, to fight against it. hehe. Please, I deserve an applause. haha.

SAVED 799 pesos! Proud of this haul! two thumbs up.

Folded and Hung is having their end-of-the-season sale this whole month of June! Grab this chance. :)



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