Wednesday, June 12, 2013

H&M Jean shirt X DIY

This was my friend, Tel’s original idea. She showed me a picture of a shirt from H&M that she should’ve bought for her now fiance but when she was actually going to buy it was gone already. Too bad! Then, she told that it can be done by just cutting off the sleeves of a jacket and attaching a new sleeves to the jacket.

This was that H&M shirt minus the navy blue sleeves. Couldn’t find the exact shirt.

Finding your materials
So it instantly sparked my creative juices, I got off to the nearest thrift store to find some cool pieces that I can deconstruct. Luckily, I got something with 160 pesos, a pair of jackets in muted colours.

The shirt on the right side is too pale for blue so I decided to dye it to navy blue to emanate like a denim. See instructions for dyeing here.
While for the khaki brown shirt on the left, I didn’t go for dyeing it since fabric dyes here are little too limited with colours it might turn out like mahogany so I’m saving it. Hehe.

Chopping and attaching the sleeves
1. Measure the length from the middle of your palm to your shoulders and then use this measurement for the length of your sleeves. What I did was I gave a few allowance like 2 cm from the sleeve and then cut it out.
2. If you know how to sew using a machine then go for it. As for me, I opted to have it sewn from my friend.

And Voila!





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