Friday, February 22, 2013

Lazy McGuire

Today, I helped my friend Cente and Tel with their wedding preparations. Though it's a rainy and gloomy Friday nothing stopped us from getting things done. But still a ton of things to be accomplished!

I felt lazy the whole day. Haha. The weather will speak for itself.

My outfit of the day. I love how random I managed to pull this look together. The weather kind of given me the permission to layer clothing and so I did. My Oxygen skinny jeans are so skimpy that it almost felt and looked like jeggings haha. Like "suman" in vernacular meaning rice cake covered in banana leaves. Haha. I know right. But I still loved it though. This is my typical signature look.

What I wore:

Top long sleeve shirt- thrifted

Tshirt from Team Manila

Jeans from Oxygen clothing

Sneakers from SM department store

Watch by Casio

Spiked bracelet from Divi

♛ AUK ♛


  1. Wahhh, gusto ko yung watch at yung astig na anung tawag diyan yung na sa kamay mo?

    Personally, I like wearing one layer clothing only, Ayaw ko nung may tshirt din mag jacket kasi madali lang akong pinagpapawisan, you look good bro!!!

  2. Panghampas yan sa mga makukulit na bata. Oo naman, basta it depends on the weather naman.

    Thank you!

  3. grabeh ka naman! Panghampas ba yan sa makulit na bata.....sigurooo....hahahaha, huwag nalang :P

    Kung magrerelo din naman ako,gusto ko yung Fossil watch,yung waterproof.hehehe

  4. oi, pwede request, anu masasabi mo sa new look ng site ko? solomot!

  5. Para magtanda! hehe. Yup nice din Fossil watch. :)

  6. Definitely looks more user friendly and appealing!



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