Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just Got Lucky Me

Baguio City is renowned for Ukay-Ukay also known as thrift shops. As far as I know, this is where it all began. The Mecca of thrift shopping, Baguio City. This is also a prime reason for my utter excitement. And to pay homage to the birthplace of Ukay-Ukay, I would dedicate this post to the adorable city.

Moving on, the most exciting part of our day was when we went to the night market. A whole side of the street is alloted to shoppers and sellers of almost all sorts of stuffs. When I saw the strip of ukay-ukays, I got so positively overwhelmed because I didn't know where to start! The first night was quite a snooze. I just managed to get a pair of shoes. Not so good shoes but okay shoes.

I was heading towards desparity during our last day because I thought I'm going home empty handed. As we are walking along the Session Road, one of my friends stopped by a store where we saw people scrambling through just-opened balikbayan boxes, loaded with heaps of clothes and whatnots. So we got curious and joined them. Haha.

I got my revenge on day 2, I amassed quite a load of stuffs. I did what I came there for.

I must say that these Lacoste shoes will give me a run for my money. This was originally priced at 1,500 pesos but we haggled with the seller and amazingly cut off 700 pesos. What a bargain! And still is in mint condition.

I got these shirts for 150 pesos each. Amazing! H&M. And I specifically love the gray Bossini shirt with epaulette detail. This leather handled hand bag also took my attention among the pile, a good buy as well.

We came to Baguio with thick pockets and headed home broke but we were utterly on cloud nine considering what we bought and the amount of money we shelved out to get them. Mission accomplished. Fun plus shopping!

I know Baguio loves me. Till we meet again!

♛ AUK ♛


  1. Ikaw na ang Ukay Ukay king, 1500 to 700, sulit na sulit!

    Gusto ko yung stripes na shirt at yung bag!!! Pero di ko trip yung shoes, ayaw ko kasi yung may shoelaces na mga sapatos, turn off sa akin..hahahaha

    Muntik ko ng makalimutan, bibili pa pala kami ng nanay ko ng jogging pants sa ukay ukay....salamat sa pag paalala!

    P.S. Pwede ka ng maging McDonalds statue, mag apply ka kaya =P hehehehe

  2. OMG! I love those sneakers and the shirts are to die for.


  3. I know! They are so cool. :) thank you Dalton!

  4. Oo nga pala noh sabi mo nga. hehe. Super bargain talaga and tawaran ang ginawa namen.

    Sakto I'm a freelancer lang ngayon. Swak ang maging Mcdo! haha. :)

    Thank you Zion for commenting as ever. :)

  5. WAHHHH..........freelancer ka rin pala! pareho lang tayo..hehehe

    My main goal sa social bookmarking site (yung Unsay Uso) ay to get in touch with other bloggers, I love blog hopping, kaya nga ginagawa ko site para may mga magagandang stories akong mababasa.

    and you're a great find! :D

    oi, maganda pa rin ba ang Baguio pasyal pasyalan?

  6. Yup! A newly freelance nurse. Haha.

    Wow, nice vision you have there. Good job on your hard work.

    Thank you!!

    Maganda parin naman siya. Parang same old padin. Excellent people and weather.



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