Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Is Near

They don't call the shots anymore. That is according to Mona Vanderwaal as she responds to Toby Cavanaugh. Looks like the real "A" is in the pilot seat now and I can feel that A's real identity will soon be unveiled before us. I have an inkling that Officer Wilden has a big connection with A's death. Make that a strong connection.

But the most perplexing question is, Is Allison DiLaurentis really dead? Or she's just covering with this whole disappearing act to get back to all those who wronged her and to also continue her queen bee reign over Rosewood High more so to the 4 pretty little girls. What will happen to Ezra and Aria? To Hanna and Emily? And to Spencer's desparity to find out who the real A is.

Questions are hanging amidst our heads but we will just have to wait until the next tormenting act of A and it's minions.

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