Thursday, February 28, 2013


Oh, shopping. One of the perks of online shopping is that it's hassle free. Also, I thought that it also makes me like more restricted to splurge on stuffs. Yes, because I broke up with my credit card already. It was especially refreshing to see these amazing finds from ASOS, a worldwide free delivery online shop where all the nice goodies can be found.

Here are my top picks!

I have been hunting for this top in almost anywhere. But I am specifically interested with a button down that has a camo print on both sleeves but a plain color on the body. This one goes for 30 pounds.


image1xxl image4xxl

Above: Oh, I am so loving this Lazy Oaf Eyes Baseball Top. I like this odd print. Even more when layered with this denim vest. Such an eye candy! Sells for £45.00.


Above: I love that this Tee has a summery vibe to it. The tinge ombre effect made an easy casual look. Just in time for the season. This 55DSL T-Shirt Tinge Ombre Print goes for £40.00.

Below is a Minimum Polka Dot Shirt. For the long haul, I've been looking for a perfect polka dot shirt that I won't look whacky. This one seems the perfect fit.

image1xxl-1 image1xxl-3

Above: Of course, I have an obsession with denim shirts. And this didn't escape my eagle eye. This Jack & Jones Originals Denim Shirt sells for £35.00.


 A £45.00 bomber jacket with paisley prints on the sleeves.

♛ AUK ♛

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