Saturday, February 16, 2013

What Becomes of a Brokenhearted.

A lot of things we can not have a full control of. Things happen and then we react differently to it. My ensemble speaks loudly of that emotion of disgruntlement, melancholy, and utter rage. Not quite of rage but that is my interpretation of it. As the saying goes, this too shall pass. Well please, make it quick.

The color story here is based on the gradient colors of black to gray. From the black top layered with a gray cardigan to my lux wool shorts paired with black sneakers and gray socks. I got a little addicted with this color palette. It goes easily well with almost any color. No fuss with pairing.

Top from Folded & Hung

Cardigan from American Boulevard

Shorts were tailor made.

Sneakers and socks from SM Department Store

Bag from Ukay Ukay

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♛ AUK ♛


  1. may pinaghuhugutan ba tong post na ito? hihihihi :)

  2. nabasa ko yung newest post mo at akala ko yun yung pinaghuhugutan,,sapatos pala yun!! hahahaha

    anyways, kung heartbroken ka man, marami naman tayo!!! weeee!!! belated happy valentines day Kenny!

  3. Salamat sa Pagdudumi ng aking comments section! nakakatulong ito. Swear. :)



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