Thursday, March 12, 2015

Layer, Layer on the Wall

It is starting to get chilly down under (Australia, not what you think it is ). Layering up to trap some body heat, I have used my not widely used vest from Oxygen and my ever dependable grey sweater. 
I managed to write something up today. Thank God! There is just this laziness and stress overload that I have been stricken by. Not good but I am trying.

What I am trying to achieve in this ensemble is the minimalism. Greys and black. Neutral colours are so basic that you can wear them everyday. As they say, you can never go wrong with black. What I love about this outfit is the addition of the layer piece which without it the whole look will look like a drab. It gives a little edge or fashion forwardness if I can say that.

And here is to hope to get these creative juices going! God save me from this quicksand of laziness that I am in! 

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