Thursday, March 26, 2015

Downtown Melbourne

 From downtown Melbourne, you can find this alley of graffiti walls in Bourke Street. This is like the Harlem of Melbourne(if I may put it). Most often, you can find others getting their Instagram moments taken here.  It is a perfect spot to take your OOTDs and whatnot. Yeah, got mine done here obviously! Haha.

I just thought I have been wearing a  lot of denims. As denim, don’t get out of style and it’s so easy to wear. Not much fuss about styling. The acid washed top from Cotton On gave all denim ensemble a touch of edge. I got this really good quality Saxony cardigan from Savers for just $10. So stoked when I saw this and a certain must have for fall and winter. I don’t really get tired of this bow down pose! It’s my angle I suppose haha. I don’t have much angles so I go for it each time. I mean what else should I do? Haha.

Moving on, I am on this stage of my life where I am getting tired of doing things that I am not passionate about. It will definitely get to you either way so I am taking it seriously in planning my career move. I want to be in the style world and I don’t want to get stuck on life choices I have made. As they say, if you are really passionate about something go for it and make it happen. But it’s always  easier said. You got to plan everything first before making the big jump. But I won’t wait for eternity that’s for certain.

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