Tuesday, April 1, 2014

School Day Everyday

A sunny day in Autumn, strolled around the streets of Melbourne to spot some cool finds. A lot of the streets feel like I have been time warped into the old days of the world. The Victorian inspired imprints on the buildings and establishments. 

A summery day like this means wearing your shorts or flip flops on or whatever makes you comfortable. I wore this gorgeous thrifted top paired with Cotton on shorts and Sperry boat shoes. I accessorised A little bit and wore my backpack and Cotton On watch. I was supposed to wear a red skinny jeans but my mates here held me back as it is too hot outside. Happy, I listened to them! 

This was shot at Melbourne Central at the 3rd level.

At the Little Library, mimicking a nerdy dude. Lol. But really I borrowed a mystery book there which will keep me busy during long trips at the train or on the tram.

It’s a school day everyday. You got to learn something from different people you talk to or just mere observations. It’s a school day everyday. I reckon.

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