Friday, May 24, 2013

The Best is Yet to Come

This day was a momentous day for most people I care about. We gained victory. I want to just keep my mouth shut about this. hehe. I didn’t intend to wear one of my favourite military inspired shirt to emanate a soldier in the battle. But it was just an haphazard pick and good enough it meshed well with my blue pants and my topsider shoes. I felt so happy with this outfit.

I used my first designed bag and this time I managed to use it as an accessory, the clutch bag. I just got beheaded. Lol

 Malayo ang tingin! In english, starry starry eyes. haha

Please understand that this is my favourite shirt if in case you’re fed up with it. haha. It may be old but it still is cool and sleek. Overused piece of….

Whatever it is that thing that I don’t want to spill out, this is not over yet. Because we are just starting to get what is truly ours. Tik tok tik tok. Times ticking. And as for myself, just as Ellie Goulding was saying in her song Anything Could Happen. Indeed! Be it good or bad, I am leaving it all to Him. He knows best and I did everything that I could so no regrets just love? haha.

Bye Ya’ll!

About the look: Shirt from Folded and Hung, Undershirt and pants from Ukay ukay, Shoes from Mendrez



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