Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pumped Up New Kicks

I love these pair of shoes! I didn't expect that I can get to love these. However, turning back when I was in elementary, I wore high cut shoes because they are so in! Haha. So yes, I get scared sometimes. I got these pair for only 420 pesos at Metro Department store. Marquee Mall is having their Welcome Sale and they were originally at 599 pesos. So no second thoughts of buying it!

David Guison really made me remember these. David Guison is one of the top men's fashion blogger and style genius here in the Philippines. His style knows no bounds from over the top prints to color blocked ensembles. But what really stuck to me was his "style identifier", the high-cut boots or shoes plus printed socks. You can catch him at

So I thought of having own spin, maybe a toned down one. I paired them with printed socks from MEMO. MEMO was also on sale I got these at 245 pesos, originally priced at 350.  I can't wait to strut this new kicks on the streets soon!

♛ AUK ♛


  1. There are only two shoes that I have currently, a pair of black shoes for school and a worn out hand me down shoe from America. Do you know any shoes without any laces that are cool? I don't really like tying the laces. (That's how lazy I am, LOL! ) :) Thanks for sharing in Unsayuso!

  2. There are a lot of shoes with no laces out there like loafers, sneakers and whatnots. But that depends on your taste. :) Thank you for finding time to comment. I greatly appreciate it. Cheers!



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