Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Plan For Success

Prelude: Can’t get this out of my head for days so here it goes.

Last year, I managed to get a free planner from Starbucks courtesy of my friend’s extra stickers. And this year I hope that I can get one for free as well but this time I want this visually stunning Slate planner. I stumbled upon this when I was hunting for a new home for my schedules to get my businesses laid for 2013. This planner is visually rich with original artworks from various artists. Definitely, this will meet my demanding and tight schedule. For me to remember dates and jot down important details but still living up in style and keeping those creative juices oozing.

Of course, I want the limited edition!

If you want to own one just visit their web page for details. Just click this link slateplanner.com.

Can’t wait to get my hands laid on this.


  1. those look so cool! wishing you much success! xo


  2. I know! Thank you girls! Happy 2013 and continued success to your endeavors. :)



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