Monday, December 10, 2012

The Burn Book

In the movie, Mean Girls starred by the now troubled star Lindsay Lohan, they have what they call burn book where they write something nasty about someone they hate. I think that is a healthy way to keep your hate in a very safe place without creating a scene. But in this recent time dominated by social media, you know where people feed their feelings in lieu of the burn book. Healthy for the self but definitely sometimes exceeds of what it was intended to do.

I am creating this burn book of my own.

Why are some people so inconsiderate of others. That it has penetrated their system and acting like its normal while taking a toll at anyone who gets victimized by their insolence. Maybe, this is a problem of improper child rearing. Spoiled selfish individuals have this mentality where they think highly of themselves because they belong to the socio-economic strata of the upper class. I am truly not stereotyping but I am just pertaining to a group of individuals. Can they change? That is a question that I can not answer. And a first step to spark a change is to acknowledge the erroneous nature of their acts. No more no less.

Moreover, another saddening fact is that when people take pleasure in seeing someone else suffer or the fondness of being on top and seeing everyone they govern below them or following them wherever they go like an obedient dog. A leader does not take the pedestal to get things done. They have to go to the people to get things running.  I do not wish people to die or suffer for what they are doing but I mean karma is a b*tch.

And oh please try to learn the word respect.

Oh my God, they are so dirrrty!

Before this year ends, I want to get out of this bubble where I am trapped. I want to move forward. Let's spark good vibes and entice good karma.



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